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NANO was created in 2015 by Colin Lamahieu and was previously called RaiBlocks. The currency is based on DAG technology and delegated Proof of Stake. It is thus one of the fastest currencies on the market, and the transaction fee is free.

Free transaction fee means new opportunities for microtransactions. NANO is relatively unknown in the West, but has gained ground in growing and problematic economies, such as Venezuela.

This is a pure currency, and today there is no support for smart contracts or decentralized applications.


  • DAG technology - fast transactions, in theory infinite scalability and free transactions.
  • Decentralized currency.


  • The competition is getting tougher on the DAG front with players like Fantom, Hycon and Pixl.
  • DAG technology is not as proven as blockchains.
  • No support for anonymous transactions, smart contracts or decentralized apps.


They can buy BNB (Binance Coin) with a credit card at Binance and then buy NANO for these.

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