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NEO was created in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang, and was then called Antshares. NEOs are often referred to as "China's Ethereum", as they also build a smart contract solution, and are based in China. China is generally critical of cryptocurrencies, but has expressed itself positively to the NEO.

Unlike Ethereum, they do not use Proof of Work, but a delegated variant of Byzantine Fault Tolerance. This makes the currency fast and energy efficient. They claim to be able to handle up to 10,000 transactions per second (compared to Ethereum's 7).

The goal is to create a smart economy. Something that according to it is based on Digital assets (tokens), digital identity and smart contracts. In 2019, a partnership was established with Ontology (another cryptocurrency) where they intend to let them develop digital identities.

Unlike Ethereum, it also has a side chain that only handles Gas. That is, the cost required to perform transactions. They also give holders of NEO a percentage of Gas, which acts as a passive income and staking.


  • Their dBFT solution is faster and more energy efficient than many other cryptocurrencies and they can reach up to 10,000 transactions per second.
  • China has expressed itself positively to the project, and China is, as is well known, a major player.
  • Good solution for smart contracts, and they make it easy for developers by letting them develop in known languages like C ++ (GoLang is also on G).
  • Their Gas solution for transactions and staking keeps the community driven.


  • Fierce competition, they are not very popular in the west and many newer chains are even more efficient and fast. Ethereum may be slower but has by far the most developers and the strongest community.
  • The organization is centralized.
  • No support for anonymous / secret transactions.


You can buy BNB (Binance Coin) with a credit card at Binance and then buy NEO for these.

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