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Passive income

Passive income

Who wouldn't like making money while sleeping? The bank usually gives no interest at all, and in the best case you can get 0.65% if you unlock the money for x number of years. This page deals with the opportunities the cryptosphere provides to make money without actively working for it everyday. But there is generally no free money that does not pose a risk to you.

Buy cryptocurrencies

By buying currencies and projects you believe in in the long run, you can of course make money in the end by increasing the value of the currency. This is what most people try to do in the cryptosphere - but it still needs to be mentioned.

Some currencies also give you more money by just holding them in the form of gas. For example, NEO that gives you Neo Gas, VeChain that gives you VeChain Thor and Ontology that gives you Ontology Gas.

Risk: The currency loses value and popularity.

Staking and masternodes

In Proof of Stake networks, you can be rewarded for placing a bet, giving you the right to vote and the opportunity to validate blocks. In general, those who validate the blocks are random, but the size of the bet also matters. You can earn between 0.5 - 10%. Generally more in new projects that have not yet become popular.

If you want to make even more money, you can create a master node, which requires a larger effort (usually tens of thousands of dollars), as well as hardware that is always accessible on the Internet. If you want to see which currencies you can make the most money on, you can look at MasterNodes Online.

Risk: The currency loses value. If you still believe in the project, you might as well make an effort and get the right to vote, but if you only do it to get passive income, it is important that the project has a future.

Lend your cryptocurrencies

Many people invest more money than they can afford to lose in the crypto world. And even worse, they take out loans to be able to invest more. There is nothing to recommend. But you can still benefit from the fact that there are others who feel that it is a good idea. This is done by using a lending platform where you can lend your cryptocurrencies to others, at an interest rate.

There are plenty of platforms that tactically deceive users, but there are also some well-known and established ones such as Nexo, Celcius and Salt. In general, you can look forward to an interest rate of 7-10%. Should you mortgage for ten years, you can double your value.

Risk: The currency loses value, and you must trust the platform in question to guarantee that you will get your loan back.

Tokens from exchanges

Most exchanges today have their own coins that are used to exchange other currencies. You often get cheaper fees for your purchases if you use these, but only by keeping them can you get a percentage of all fees at the retailer. They then give back through their own coin, or through a so-called stablecoin.

Risk: You have to trust the exchange and that their coins do not lose value. You also need to keep the cryptocurrency at the exchange (and not on your own wallet), which always involves a risk.


In currencies that use Proof of Work, you can be involved and help validate blocks, which gives a return. In today's situation, you can basically never make money on your own computer, but you can invest in expensive equipment that is only there to mine.

It is more common to join a mining pool where others own the hardware and you pay to join, and get a percentage return.

Risk: Hardware and electricity cost more than the returns.