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Decentralized applications (DApps)


A software that communicates with a blockchain and integrates with them through smart contracts. These applications can look like ordinary applications, and can take the form of web applications, desktop applications or mobile apps.

When they store the information on a blockchain and perform calculations with smart contracts, they are also unstoppable. If someone finds them inconvenient, it is not possible to take down any servers to get rid of them. There are also no middlemen and they do not require you to trust the organization or company behind the applications.

Today, decentralized apps are still somewhat limited as most are based on Ethereum, which can only handle about 15 transactions / events per second. This has not significantly hindered development, and will be resolved with Ethereum's transition to Proof of Stake and newer, more modern blockchains.

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Alien Worlds

A NFT-based game on the WAX blockchain. You can buy, sell, trade NFTs and participate in planitary organizations (DAOs).


A card game where you collect cards, where some are more or less unique. These cards can then be exchanged between players in a marketplace, or played with. The game can be seen as a mix between pokemon playing cards and World of Warcraft. The game runs on the blockchain Hive.

My Crypto Heroes

A turn-based RPG game that runs on both mobile platforms and desktops. It is about finding, saving and training heroes from history. A hero is stored on the blockchain and can of course not be copied.


Perhaps the most famous DAPP, although it is not the most popular anymore. Here you collect cats - decentralized cats, that is, stored on the Ethereum chain. Cats are mated with other cats and since each cat has a simple DNA, the offspring will be a result of this DNA. Every cat is unique.



Right now the largest decentralized casino, with games like dice, blackjack, Baccarat and Jackpot. The casino is run on the game-focused blockchain Wax.


A newer casino run on Tron. With games like Dice, Crash, Ring, Hit Slot and Almighty Sparta.


A gaming platform with casino elements. An excellent way to use smart contracts, where you do not have to worry about being scammed for money, hidden fees and more. Of course, this also means the lack of protection. There are no obstacles to playing too much, or the ability to turn off users.



Make money from your opinions and reviews. Used as a browser plugin and allows you to post requests for each web page.


A social media platform where users can unsubscribe, and where popular writers earn STEEM (cryptocurrency) on the network. Because it is decentralized, it is also free from censorship. There are examples of leaked, secret documents that have been removed from other networks, but which remain here.


An application that monitors your training and rewards your activity with AFIT tokens based on the STEEM network. There is an app for both Apple IOS and Android.

Market places


Located on the WAX chain and is a place where you can exchange, sell and buy digital goods, such as playing cards and gaming objects.


Located on the WAX chain and is a place where you can exchange, sell and buy digital goods, such as playing cards and gaming objects.


A platform for selling, buying and exchanging collectibles on the Ethereum chain. Most often it is objects from various different games, for example CryptoKitties.